Why Your Support is Essential

Lebanon is rich with beautiful and touristic natural resources. Unfortunately, those natural resources are being either neglected or damaged by people all the time, which puts Lebanon in risk for losing what’s left of its green areas. Jezzine area is one of the important green spaces in Lebanon, holding the largest Pine Forest in the Middle East in Bkassine.

The absence of public green and free areas forces families to use up the natural sites present in the country. This results in damaging those sites and affecting in turn the geology of Lebanon. For example, Lebanon has witnessed several forests being damaged and wiped out due to fires (natural and human), pollution, and leftovers from picnics. 

On yearly basis thousands of families go to Bkassine pine forest during summer; it is an attractive green free space, where people can enjoy fresh air, amazing natural sites, and a healthy environment without paying any cost.

The main problem is how to provide the free space for families and in the same time protect the natural resources and sites, how to provide children with their right to play and have fun without harming the environment.

The risks that are putting Bkassine Pine Park at a dangerous level are:

  1. Random Entry to the forest
  2. Pollution caused by tourists
  3. Immigration to cities
  4. Natural Disasters

As a result, this project will directly: 

  • Protect Bkassine Pine Forest from human and natural disasters.
  • Encourage ecotourism in the area.
  • Reduce the pollution caused in the forest.
  • Ensure new job opportunities for the people in Jezzine Area.
  • Improve the quality of life of community members living in Jezzine Area.
  • Provide safe, green, natural and entertaining place for families interested in environmental sites.
  • Preserve the biodiversity of plants present in the forest.

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