A Fruitful Day with Youth from Abroad


On July 11 2012, our volunteers welcomed around 30 youth from 12 different countries in Bkassine. They spent a day interacting and getting to know each other, in addition to having a lunch and hiking amidst the wonderful nature of Bkassine Pine Park. Those youth are visiting Lebanon in regards to participating in a program for youth dialogue amongst religions.




Opening Postponed

Development for People and Nature Association, DPNA, in partnership with the Municipality of Bkassine and the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine, with many thanks, respect and appreciation for your contribution in the initial stages of achievements within “Bkassine Pine Park” project, are deeply sorry to inform you that the Official Opening Ceremony of the project on Sunday morning 8th  July 2012 at 11.00 am has been postponed due to technical delays in completing the main entrance of the Pine Park; in addition to unstable political situation .

We will be pleased to inform you, as soon as possible, for the new date for the Official Opening Ceremony and we thank you for your comprehension and understanding.